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Sell Your Design! is an on-demand printing service for its buyers. Designs and artwork are provided by its approved "designers" on a pay per sale commission basis. We are a part of the Design Your Own Network which features artist submitted website templates for printers and access to outside printers and designers. If you are interested in providing designs/artwork for us the first step is to ensure you have the legal right to provide your designs/artwork. You must be the full 100% complete owner of your submitted content and agree to these terms and conditions. For further information please see our User Agreement Page. You will retain all ownership rights to your content submitted to the site. By submitting content to, you grant a nonexclusive, worldwide, transferable license to use, copy, reproduce, modify, publicly display, and distribute your content.

To apply for "designer" approval contact us using the contact form or preferably send us a link to your portfolio. After this an approval will be granted. Once your become an approved designer you may submit artwork to the site through our site submission utility. In addition to selling the designs on we also offer them for sale, if desired, on other hosted e-commerce platforms. Designers receive a $3 commission for every design printed item that is sold. All of the printing is done in house at our facility. A spreadsheet report will be issued at the beginning of the month for the previous months sales and a check or electronic payment will be issued.

Our standard print method is Direct to Garment (AKA DTG or Direct to Digital). It offers the advantage of being able to print one shirt when ordered on demand. This cuts down on overall overhead. In fact with us, there is no overhead. Once a design is submitted you instantly start making money as it sells. We generally find that designers that submit tend to do better if their first initial launch includes 4 - 5 designs. We equally try to promote all designs through our advertising campaigns and social networks and we encourage you to do the same to be successful.

If this is something that interests you let us know. We like to offer designs in an array of colors and styles so it may be beneficial to have a design based around a light colored item(White and Gold Shirts) and a dark colored item(Black, Green & Forest Shirts). You can check out some of the designs on the website to see how we handle the offering of colors. It would be best if you submitted the artwork clearly labeled for the target garment color. Depending on what you design in we can usually accept files in a multitude of formats. We prefer .ai, .psd, .eps however if you have .png or another format we can usually make it work. If your artwork is too large for attaching let us know and we can provide an alternative method of providing us the artwork.

We look forward to working with you.